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board-meeting 38546631The process of preparing for an accreditation review can be an onerous task for schools.  It is necessarily difficult and taxing, but is worth the exceptional effort of the staff and faculty when there is a positive outcome.  Optionally, the accreditation process not only confirms and affirms the direction and accomplishments of the school, it serves to strengthen the institution toward common goals.  Thus, schools find it most advantageous to undergo an outside review of its preparation plans.  This is particularly true where there is new leadership in the head position or other key senior staff leaders.  The goal is to complete a successful accreditation!

Key considerations:  

  • What should the head of school do to prepare for accreditation? On what timetable?
  • Is the school ready for the next accreditation review?  How do you know? What has been accomplished since the last accreditation review?
  • Are systems and processes in place to insure a successful accreditation? 
  • Are the right people in leadership roles? 
  • Are the various teams representative of the school?
  • Are all constituents represented or participating in the school’s preparation?
  • How is the Board of Trustees involved?


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