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Most schools have plans that address the safety of students and employees.  Unfortunately, these plans are frequently not used when a real emergency occurs.  A plan that is not exercised is a plan that is not likely to work when it counts.  Exercises are designed to find weaknesses in the plan and build trust and confidence of the school community.   Thoroughly training staff and facility members is critical to the success of any crisis/safety management plan. Staff and facility managers are most effective when they are adequately trained.

Key considerations for Crisis and Safety management:  

  • Are staff and faculty confident of the school’s policies and procedures?
  • Are safety and security cultural components of the school?
  • Is there a standing committee in place to manage school safety?
  • Do students, faculty and staff feel confident, safe and secure?
  • Are plans thoughtful and exercised frequently?

Risk Management is a relatively new concept to private prep-schools.  Businesses have dealt with risks for many years, but schools have tended not to address the issues that could jeopardize their very existence.  A good risk management initiative and plan is a product of a strong partnership between the Board of Trustees and the school administration.  The process involves identifying key risks and deciding on actions that mitigate the risks.  It is not uncommon for a school to identify 50 plus risks.  The key is prioritizing the risks, developing specific plans and instituting tracking and reporting systems.

Key considerations for Risk Management:  

  • Are risks routinely identified and mitigation actions taken?
  • Is the Board actively involved in the school’s risk management program?
  • Are systems in place to reduce risks?
  • Are insurance carriers participating in the school’s risk management efforts?
  • Does the school have a culture of risk mitigation?



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