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Enrollment ManagementThe Admission and Public Relation departments are under tremendous pressure to produce results and yet one mistaken acceptance can cause damage to schools and their reputation.  These departments have to have contact with the rest of members of the school so they know what is going on and can accurately represent the school.  However, they also need to be out in the community attracting students to the school.  Besides, they need to constantly be managing the web presence and showing the school and interviewing students.  In many schools, there is a lot of turnover in the admissions office.  However, continuity is needed to make sure a consistent brand is marketed and criteria for acceptance are consistent.  The global economy, technology and demographics are constantly changing, yet are the enrollment strategies changing with the times?

Key considerations:  

  • What are your school’s unique features and programs?  Are you marketing them effectively?
  • What part of the admission’s process are your strengths?  What areas need improvement?  
  • Where are your referrals coming from?
  • Is your website dynamic? Is it is attracting students?  Is it easy to navigate?  Is it engaging?
  • How can you attract more full paying families?
  • What percentage of your budget is coming from paying families?  From fundraising?  From other sources?
  • Do you have enough resources in the admission/public relations area to enroll the number and kind of student you want?


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