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The financial security and health of the school is critically important to the long-term viability of the institution.  Knowing the key components of financial strength and how to track and enhance these components over time is the secret to success.  Having a firm handle on revenue and expenses, meeting annual budgets and following a detailed 5-year financial plan is absolutely critical.  Beyond being a good steward of financial resources, the school must have a comprehensive development program that addresses the current and future needs of the school.  A good development program adds strengths to the financial health of the school. 

Key considerations:  

  • Does my school have a long-range financial plan that is consistently followed? Is it periodically updated?
  • Does the head of school and senior staff review and track revenue and expenses?
  • Does the school have the financial resources to pay its people, maintain the plant and make continuous improvements to the curriculum?
  • Are there processes in place to adapt to changing economic conditions?
  • Is the financial management of the school a high priority for the head of school, senior staff members and the Board of Trustees?


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