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school-gov2VAIS Governance Workshop, June 2014

It is imperative in a competitive market with rising costs, fewer students, and families with less discretionary funds, that Boards be able to deal with tough issues, be able and willing to support the head of school and have key school leaders need and to provide the resources necessary for the school to survive and thrive.  The Board needs to be well informed of national trends and know good business practices.  Schools need to work on having a balance of knowledge, skills and financial ability in their board members.

Surveying various constituent groups periodically is imperative to actually determine how the school is doing to meet its vision & mission.  Then you know where you need to place precious resources. 

Key considerations:

  • Is the vision for your school clear?  Is everyone aligned and working toward the vision/mission?  How do I get various groups/individuals working toward the common good?
  • Is everyone aware of the top priorities?  Is your behavior and other key people in the organization consistent with those priorities?  Do they really believe in the mission?
  • Are you swimming upstream?  Does the Board have realistic expectations?
  • How often do you assess how you are doing?  How often do you survey your various constituent groups?
  • Is there a clear and consistent understanding of the division of responsibilities between the Board and the administration?


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