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A school’s reputation (and success) is defined and influenced in a large part by perceptions of those stakeholders outside the campus. Each of these stakeholders has different needs and expectations. And while they are often difficult to manage (and understand), ignoring them and their potential impact can have disastrous effects. These diverse, but critically important groups have significantly different needs and expectations.

A thoughtful and proactive approach to developing working relationships with parents can simplify many day-to-day problem situations and help with recruitment.

While most alumni are well-intended and reflect positively on their school experience, many need to be informed about the differences in the educational environment of the 21st Century.

In dealing with community leaders, one must have a proactive and multi-faceted approach because the perception of many community leaders is based on inaccurate information regarding isolated incidents.

Donors and potential donors (who are often also alumni, parents, or community leaders) need to be cultivated by educating them on the school’s mission and vision and informing them of activities at the school. All of this requires extensive research, well-developed plans, and considerable time by the school’s leadership team and the Board.

Key Considerations:

  • Does the school recognize the power and importance of good stakeholder relationships? And the potential consequences of poor stakeholder relationships?
  • Are the changing needs of each stakeholder group regularly assessed? Are there programs to keep each group informed and involved in the school? Is there regular communication with each group?
  • Do you involve leaders of stakeholder groups in school planning?
  • How do you measure the results of stakeholder programs?
  • Do you have a process to identify, develop, and nurture stakeholders with the potential to become major donors and key leaders?


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