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student-life 4592678 XSThe challenges and temptations facing today’s students are much more complex than they were a generation ago. Thus, the strategies and policies for creating a safe and healthy campus environment where students can learn and develop are often elusive. Creating a culture of trust and respect is critical. Specific policies must be transparent to students and parents. While teenage students are often immature and vulnerable to making poor decisions, the school must establish clear expectations for student behavior and consequences that will facilitate student learning and changed behavior.

The key to success is developmental programs that build community, enhance teamwork, develop character, and help individuals gain confidence and self-respect.

Since the unexpected happens, often at the worse possible time, schools must also have carefully developed plans and processes for a wide range of incidents: a missing student, a flu in the residence hall, a suicide attempt, cheating, drugs, etc. 

Key considerations:  

  • Does your school sincerely work to provide a wholesome, supportive environment for student learning and development?
  • Are students (and parents) aware of policies and expectations for students?
  • Are student life programs assessed regularly for effectiveness and relevance to today’s ever changing learning environment? Are students and parents involved?
  • Are there established processes applicable to a broad range of serious incidents? Have processes been tested? Are they reviewed and updated regularly?
  • Are staff and faculty proactive in promptly identifying issues and disturbing behaviors? Are there processes to integrate and respond to these reports?
  • Are student life programs and professionals well-integrated with education programs and faculty?


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