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The off-site format helps people shift paradigms, focus on key issues and come up with creative solutions.  People need to celebrate and recognize what worked well for the year so everyone can be confident to continue those practices that made them strengths.  For the areas needing improvement, it is imperative to choose only a few on which to concentrate in the near future so clear progress can be made.  It is important to measure the success at specific intervals so everyone can either make adjustments or can see the progress being made. 

Key considerations:

  • Are your Board, senior staff, faculty and departmental off-sites reviewing best practices and areas needing improvement?
  • Are realistic long and short-term goals being developed, reviewed and measured?
  • How does the off-site culture encourage openness and honest dialogue?
  • Do these goals support the vision, mission and educational philosophy of the school?
  • Does both the planning product and the process enjoy priority? 
  • Are off-sites planned on a routine and consistent basis?


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